LOVE TRUMPS HATE? Art Show by Jack Larson

LOVE TRUMPS HATE? A Pro-Trump, Anti-Mob Violence Art Show

The purpose to this art show is simple: I want to demonstrate how Trump supporters feel about the election through creative expression. This is to stand in direct contradiction to the destructive rioting, violent rhetoric, and hatred emanating from the political left. 

For many people, including myself, Donald Trump's campaign was nothing short of inspirational. Despite all the naysayers and media hype propagating negativity and mischaracterization, the reality is, this movement has brought out the passion and creativity of artists across the world.

Artists, according to prevailing stereotypes, are supposed to be lock-step with the political and cultural left wing. Nothing could be further from the truth. Many artists, actors, singers, writers, and other individuals who express themselves creatively are free thinkers who do not conform to any ideological mold.

As an entreprenuerial artist who makes a living selling original art online, I found much of President-Elect Donald Trump's message to be uplifting and motivational asI listened to the live broadcasts of his speeches, rallies over the Internet as I worked in my studio over the last year and a half.

The money  raised will be used to find an appropriate venue, to fund ambitious works of art, and to pay for prints and posters to be sent to the donors.  

The art show is planned for the second week of December and will run until the inauguration. This will give me one month to create the works and find the venue, and another month for the public viewing.

I would like to have the funds raised by Thanksgiving weekend in order to accomplish the objectives.

Thank you for your support.

Jack Larson