Tim Ozman


Is it plausible is it that Heliocentrism is nothing more than Christian Sun Worship as State Religion dressed up as "science"? A new religion which they teach to the children as "science" and with which they have succeeded in achieving a World Wide Religion that people of all faiths can accept.

Heliocentrism is the basis for the Globe model of the Earth and our modern understanding of the universe stems from this important realization about how the solar system works. Or rather, how we're told it works.

They use Global Warming as an eschatological device and as a pretext to tax our carbon output. This is the modern priesthood's version of selling indulgences.

They use the State Media to advance the Globalist world view. They use propaganda movies presented as news in order to keep the population scared by this or that bugaboo, each one giving more of a pretext for Big Brother to remain a constant and looming presence. Psyops are used to keep their narratives and their reality-filter as the dominant paradigm.

MY POINT: The oligarchs never let go of their serfs. They lost control in some areas, some people achieved freedom, but it's a constant struggle for free people to remain free because of the machinations of the oligarchs. They are using eco-fascism in order to bring back serfdom. They articulate a Utopian vision for a future worldwide system of serfdom under the rule of god-king technocrats.

The one world religion is, therefore, the cult of the Globe. The Globe has supplanted the Cross and it serves the same end. We now await the next Constantine and the oligarchs win. Global domination.

So my contention here is that the oligarchs, devious enough to invent and impose a slave-ideology, would discover a way to hijack the Enlightenment and re-create their slave system with a "scientific" veneer.

They brainwash us into accepting this state religion under false pretenses, giving us each the "one true religion" because it's "science".

There is no separation of church and state any longer. The Globalists are Theocrats advancing Statolatry. This one world government already has its religion in place. And what is genius about it is they even get atheists to worship at their idol.

I have come to believe that the world is bigger than any of us have ever imagined. The oligarchs have been hiding land masses from us because, as the conquerors write the history, they also draw the maps. The GLOBE itself is a false model and Heliocentrism is a false model.

They have, I believe, fundamentally altered our sense of reality and put us into a fictional universe. And here, I fear, is where I have to drop the bombshell:

We never were on a spinning globe in a heliocentric system. Earth is not what we've been taught and they have billions of us under a spell. So my question is, could the Earth be stationary, flat, possibly infinite plane?


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