Flat Earthers Letter to King Globe

Tim Ozman

Your Rotoundedness,

We, the people of the so called "Globe Earth" in the Americas and across this plane, which has been falsely represented as a sphere, with all respect write this letter today to communicate to you our concerns and grievances we consider unlawful, unfair and unconstitutional.

We believe some acts have attacked our human rights. The things that concern us is the numerous taxes imposed under the false pretense of preventing global warming, which as Flat Earthers we know is an impossibility, and for all the intolerable acts which were enabled by the Big Lie, namely serfdom, the Dark Ages, the Inquisition, Communism, World Wars, and every other evil perpetrated by governments and religions.

We feel that we have enough independence and authority as individual sentient beings to repeal the Globe itself.

We totally disapprove of this unlawful fraud. We are not going to put up with Globalist economic blackmail. We demand that you repeal all laws written in order to defend the Globe against man's consumption of natural resources.

We also demand that you repeal the official narratives that the Apollo Lunar Landing was anything other than a movie, and we expect the same of the International Space Station hoax.

We know that you will remedy this situation and comply with our petitions and respect our rights as Flat Earthlings.


Residents of the so-called Planet Earth

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